Obslužný návod

Programmable PID controller for industrial applications

 •  programmable controller (30 programs with 15 steps)
 •  PID / ON/OFF switching / 3-way control
 •  1 input, 7 outputs
 •  LAN interface (on the rear panel)
 •  2 communication lines EIA485
 •  2 digital inputs
 •  datalogger of process values (500 logs)
 •  datalogger of messages (200 logs)
 •  datalogger of ambient temperature (500 logs)
 •  starting a program by the keyboard
 •  starting a program by real-time clock
 •  3 years warranty
 •  guaranteed servicing


 How to operate the controller

 • setting with the menu technique
 • easy operation – long headings of parameters
 • setting of language - Czech / English / German


 Controlling of stp point

 • by program control (30 programs with 15 steps)
 • maintaining the set point

Starting a program
 • starting a program by the keyboard
 • starting a program by real-time clock
 • by digital input
 • through the communication line



The controller can operate the thermal system with the following types of controllingí:

PID control

This mode is most used. It enables controlling to zero deviation.
As an output it can be applied solid-state, relay, voltage or current output.


ON/OFF switching

Simple way of controlling, it is not possible to reach the zero deviation.


3-way step controlling

PID control with 2 outputs for adjusting of valves.
Position of the valve is calculated from the time of transition.


 Dataloggers in the controller

The controller Ht205 stores data into 3 dataloggers:


Datalogger of process values stores:

 • measured and set point value of the controller Ht205
 • measured values from as many as 7 "Slave" controllers
 • status of the external energy meter
 • number of the running program

Maximum amount of logs is 500.



Datalogger of messages stores:

  • changes in the parameters setting in configuration
    and operation level
  • time of start / end or interruption of a program
  • exceeding of alarm limits
 •  ...

Maximum amount of logs is 200.



Datalogger of ambient temperature stores:

 • ambient temperature, it means the temperature
    at which the controller works

Maximum amount of logs is 500


Stored values can be transferred though the communication line to PC.