Accessories for sensors

Connectors for thermocouples

•   connectors for thermocouples, standard or min

•   connectors for rtd sensors

TJ1 ... protection tubes

•   sensor is attached with the screw

•   pressure resistance 40bar, max. temperature 550°C

TJ2 ... protection tubes with thread

•   execution for threading-in

•   pressure resistance 40bar, max. temperature 550°C

NV ... fitting with thread

•   thread M20x1,5,  G1/2",  M27x2

•   length from 22 to 70mm

PS ... fitting for sliding of sensor

•   for the diameters of sensors from 1,5 to 22,0mm

•   pressure endurance 1bar

PK ... bayonet fittings

•   for the diameter of the sensor 6 and 8mm

•   for the bayonet cap 11, 12 and 15mm

PR ... flanges for fixing sensors

•   for the sensors of diameter 14, 22 and 32mm

•   any possible setting of submerged length


UPV ... fixing elements for sensors

•   for sensors with diameter 8mm

•   max. working temperature 200°C

TCD ... bare wire thermocouples

•   for thermocouples of type J and K

•   diameter from 0,5 to 3,0mm