Monitoring energy consumption

Consumed electric energy measurement with power analyzer EM24


EM24 is energy meter / power analyzer supplied in 2 versions:

• energy meter with the direct measurement of consumption (max. 65A),

• energy meter with indirect measurement of consumption with current transformers.


Measured data can be viewed on PC with help of software HtMonit or they can be recorded by the datalogger Ht810.



Energy meter EM24 measures the following values:

• active consumed energy (kWh)

• apparent energy (kvarh)

• active power (kW)

• average active power in time-window (kW dmd)

• max. active power in time-window (kW dmd max)

• reactive power (kvar)

• apparent power (kVA)

• apparent apparent power in time-window (kVA dmd)

• max. apparent power in time-window (kVA dmd max)

• phase sequence

• power factor (PF)

• frequency (Hz)

• measurement for 3 independent users and 4 tariffs

• measurement of voltages in phases (V)

• measurement of currents in phases (A)