Software is intended to monitor the devices that are linked with the datalogger Ht810.


Software Ht810Sw is available in 2 versions:


• Ht810Sw-light - free version of software that enables to monitor the devices linked with the Ht810, it shows the actaul measured values and stp points


• Ht810Sw - full version of software is enhanced unlike Ht810Sw-light version by visualization in graph, database manager, ...



You can test the demo-version on this link  Ht810-light.

With this software you can monitor all the devices linked to the line EIA485 of the datalogger Ht810.

When the licence number is entered, this version becomes the full version.





Ht810Sw-light - demo version of software


Free version of software that enables the continuous data-reading from the devices connected to the datalogger Ht810 according its configuration. The actaul setting of the devices under monitoring is automaticly read out from the device  Ht810.

The acquired data are stored into database in the way that they are available in case of switching over of software to full version.

With this software is possible to export the memory of datalogger to CSV file that can be processed in the applications such as MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, ... .

Ht810Sw - full version of software


This software is dedicated to acquire data from the devices linked to the datalogger Ht810 as per the actual setting of the datalogger to so-called  "OnLine" database. Thus acquired values are displayed in the graph or shown in the table.

"OnLine" database can be back-up, recover the damaged data and export the data-blocks to CSV files that can be further processed in applications such as MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, ...

In panel "Database - OffLine" it is possible to read out the memory of the datalogger through the communication line RS232, to import the stored data in the device Ht810 to external Flash memory and to export the data from "OffLine" database to CSV file. The recorded values in "OffLine" database can be shown in the graph or in the table.